TAG Advisory Partners

Arnaud Bricout is a Senior Advisor with PBC and ACI Partners and a proud financial sponsor of Covidminute

ACI Partners

Partner Firm ACI Partners is a consultancy firm established in Paris which works alongside its clients to implement
transformation projects highlighting
the expertise of its teams, its capacity for innovation and its “tailor-made” achievements.

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Paris Business Consulting

Partner Firm Paris Business Consulting is an independent consultancy firm based in Paris. The firm offers its services in fundraising, sale and acquisition of businesses as well as in financial engineering.

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The team of Dr. Guillaume Zagury, based in Shanghai, specialist in international public health, comments on a daily basis on the evolution of the epidemic. Since the outbreak of the crisis in China, it has provided elements for the analysis of epidemic risk, regional responses to the disease, but also preventive measures and foreseeable consequences of the pandemic.

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