Economic difficulties, uncertainties about the pace of recovery from the crisis and accelerated changes in the business environment are all but good reasons to assess the adequacy of the business and the needs of the market.

As a result of a shift of demand, changes in consumption habits and technological transformation, the value proposition of may prove inadequate or may no longer offer the same opportunities for growth. Similarly, the long-term performance of a given activity can be permanently altered by those changes impacting the entire market.

Crisis periods are clearly times when new opportunities are being crystallized for those companies that continue to invest in research & development, technology and who know how to take advantage of the weakness of their competitors to accelerate their own transformation, arbitrate their portfolio of activities and participate in the consolidation of their industrial sector.

Helping you identifying future growth opportunities, disposing of non core assets, making the technology or strategic investments that will redefine your company going forward, this is Tag Advisory’s ambition.